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3 Days Mangrove Snapper Fishing Spearfishing Catch and Cook

by admin

3 Days Mangrove Snapper Fishing Spearfishing Catch and Cook

by admin
4 years and 6 months ago
The Last Breath

My friends visit for 3 days and despite the weather not being perfect we managed to get in 3 days of great mangrove snapper fishing and Enjoy this catch and cook fishing The fishing equipment I'm using in my video ▬▬▬▬

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My friends arrive to key largo, Florida early morning and it was super We take the boat out fishing anyways even thou the wind is blowing around 25 28 We run into the wind protected bayside of key largo and fish along various mangroves for took us moving to a few different spots until we finally found the Fishing in the mangroves was fun, haven't done that in a Usually I am on the patch reef We put a good amount of mangrove snapper into the cooler and will catch clean cook them at the dock While we fillet fish some tarpon showed up at the dock but they weren't interested in the topwater lures we brought with us to fillet the next day we run offshore through tavernier creek, due to the weather we don't go off the reef edge very far since the waves were beating us We catch some red grouper, yellowtail snapper, ballyhoo and some other We caught the ballyhoo using the ballyhoop Love that net, the ballyhoopnet works next day we focus on We cruise to the reefs edge in 40 60ft of water and find some nurse I also shoot a barracuda which I use for chum and get more nurse sharks around the I love swimming with the spearfish a mangrove snapper and clean it in the Scale the fish and gut I will eat this fish later in this catch and It will be fried fish with a new seasoning a subscriber sent you enjoyed this video hit that like button and subscribe to my channel, I appreciate all the help you guys give me in the comments and look forward to making many more videos to help show how to catch fish

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