Broadcast using XSplit

Using XSplit you can broadcast on your channel the video feed from your webcam and you can also add videos, images and text while streaming.

Once the application has been successfully installed you must follow the below steps to go LIVE with XSplit.

A. Log In


1. Click here if you don’t have an XSplit account and you need to create one.

2. Insert here your registered username.

3. Insert here your password.

4. Click to log in the application.

5. Check this box if you want your username an password to be saved on the application, so next time you will not need to re-enter them.

6. Check this box if you want to be logged into the application automatically when you launch XSplit.



B. XSplit Dashboard


1. Here you can see the menu options.

2. Click here to log out from your account.

3. Here you can view the scene sources list (video and audio).

4. Click here to add a new source: camera, video, image, text.

5. Click here to remove the selected source.

6. Click here to open the source settings.

7. From here you can adjust the microphone volume.

8. Click here to mute/unmute the microphone.

9. Click here to mute/unmute the capture of your speakers. This will enable XSplit broadcaster to capture your speaker sound if using Windows.

10. Here you can view the current scene and a list of all scenes.



C. Add Channel

In order to start broadcasting LIVE, you will need to make the channel settings. Click on Broadcast menu button and select Edit Channels… option


1. Click here to open broadcast drop-down menu.

2. Click here to add a new channel.

3. Select Custom RTMP option from the list that will appear.


The Channel Properties window will open:


1. Enter here the name for this channel – it will be displayed in XSplit application.

2. Enter here the description for this channel – it will be displayed in XSplit application.

3. Enter here the RTMP URL for your channel.

4. Enter here the Stream Name for this channel.

5. From this drop-down menu you can select the quality of the stream.

6. Click here to save the channel settings.

The new channel will appear on broadcast menu and you simply need to click on it in order to start streaming.



D. Add Camera

To add a camera from which you want to broadcast, click on Add button and select the Add camera option. A list of cameras connected to your PC will appear and you can select the camera from which you want to broadcast:



The stream from the camera will appear into XSplit broadcaster:



You can re-size the preview of the stream by dragging the corners of the video feed:



E. Broadcast

To start the broadcast, click on Broadcast button and select the channel into which you want to broadcast:



Your live stream will be published on your channel.