Request a refund for a channel subscription

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your service, VivaLIVE offers users the ability to submit a refund request for their subscription.

You will need to have already cancelled your subscription. Once you do this, you may then request a refund.

Access the My Subscriptions page from the front page drop-down menu for your account.

You may also access the page from the menu in the back end of your account:

On the page here you will be able to view your channel subscription:

1. Click here to request a refund for your subscription.


You will need to provide a reason for your refund request as shown in the image below:

1. Enter here the reason your are requesting a refund.

2. Click the button here to submit your refund request.


You will receive a confirmation message that the refund request was submitted. Someone from our team will follow up via the support ticket system when the request has been processed:

Note: If you have multiple subscriptions you would like to request a refund for, you will have to do this process for each one.