Register on TV

Users are able to register an account right from their Hisense TV. Click the Login button on the VivaLIVE app homepage to get started:


If you have an account, you can enter your VivaLIVE username and password, otherwise, you will need to create one:

1. Click the button here to register a new account.


You will be able to create a username and fill in your account details you wish to use:

1. Enter here a username for your account. It will need to be one that is not already in use.

2. Enter here a valid email address for correspondence.

3. Enter a password for your account here. This needs to be a minimum of six characters.

4. Enter here your phone number to be used with the account.

5. Enter there the Promo code if you already have one.

6. Click this button to return to the login page if you already have an account.


Next you will need to verify your account before you are able to login and start watching channels:

1. Click this button to verify your account via email.

2. Click this button to verify your account via our support line.



Verify Your Account via Email

An activation email will be sent to the email you used when you created your account. Click the link in the email to activate your account:

1. Click this button to resend the email.

2. Click this button to choose another verification method.



Verify Your Account via Our Support Team

If you have tried to activate your account via phone and email and were not able to. Please feel free to call our number listed in the app so one of our support members may assist you:

Click on the button to choose another verification/authentication method.