About Ads System – Module

Note: the ads account password should not be changed after delivery. If required, our team’s assistance must be requested.

The Ads System Module is an SAAS Module offered by Streaming platform (Software As A Service). The module is delivered onto our domain and will be accessed by each client through his own unique login username and password.

There are two ads providers installed on the system: OpenX and YuMe. The admin can select which one he wants to use.The steps described in this chapter regarding how to create and assign an ads campaign, generate a banner, check statistics are taken with OpenX, as YuMe has a set of already created campaigns available for users.

The main reason the system was set up as a center console solution was to create a central distribution system that can be monitored and AUDITED by third parties, such as Google. It works in much the same way that Double Click works. When the client uses the DART system he uses the DoubleClick servers as these are audited by the third parties. If the client would like us to deploy this system onto a server for him we can do this, but this would be considered a new license and would require a new contract. We do not deliver this software to outside NOCs (Network Operations Centers) without a significant licensing fee estimate $50,000.


  • OpenX ads are integrated only with the web player. They are not compatible on: Iphone /Ipad, Roku or White Label STB due to the fact that they are not available on Quicktime player (IOS 6.0.1).
  • YuMe ads are compatible with web and Roku. Click here to view more details on how to enable YuMe ads on Roku. YuMe ads are not compatible with HTML5 devices.


Follow the steps described in this manual chapter in order to create ads campaign and publish them of your website:


Notes about Ads Module Usability:

1. Every change you save in your ADMIN account will be visible on front end after you save it. To test all the module usability, make sure you clear cookies from the browser before you reopen each link on the platform where Ads are installed.

2. Additional documentation reference: